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About Us

Whitehall Clothiers have been supplying school uniforms for over 45 years.
We cover the London borough Lewisham, Greenwich, Bromley and North Kent, and our branch in Camberwell www.whitehallclothiers.com supplies uniforms for schools in the London Borough of Southwark, Lambeth, Wandsworth and Westminster.

A school uniform is now a vital part of a schools identity and is seen by many parents to be a mark of a successful school.
Whitehall Clothiers has recognised this and has been a long standing supplier of school uniforms to 35 schools in and around South London and North Kent Areas.

We offer a full stock service 12 months of the year including special requirements if necessary.
Alternatively we can supply direct to schools, delivering twice a week or open a shop within the school if required.

We believe uniforms give pupils a sense of pride and belonging and also removes social barriers. With schools increasingly operating as business units, it is important that pupils become the advert for the school as hundreds of children in a smart uniform can have a great impact on present and potential pupils and therefore the future of the school.

If you require further information about uniforms for your school or samples, please contact
John Brazill or Jaime Dean on 020 8852 8967